Engine 21

2013 Pierce Velocity PUC Rescue Pumper

750 gallon water tank

40 gallon foam cell

1500 GPM pump with Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)  

Engine 24

1999 Pierce Rescue Engine

750 Gallon Water Tank

1500 GPM Pump



Car 21

Car 22

Car 23

2008 Chevrolet 2500

Chief's vehicle/Incident command vehicle

2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Duty Officer/Incident Command Vehicle

2015 Ford Police Interceptor Utility


Water Supply


Tanker 26

2010 Mack Granite, Dry-Side Tanker

2,500 gallons of water

Tanker 28

2008 Mack Granite, Dry-Side Tanker

2,500 gallons of water


Quick Response/Brush Vehicles

Car 20

2004 Ford Expedition

Quick response vehicle used to answer EMS calls. This vehicle is also used to pull our utility/hose trailer and as a second duty officer's vehicle during inclement weather.

Attack 22

2001 Freightliner, Wildland Urban Interface Attack Vehicle built by Pierce

Maximum Crew: 2

Pump: 500 GPM

Water: 500 Gallon Tank

Foam: 30 Gallon Tank

Attack 22 is the only vehicle of its kind in Central Virginia and its primary purpose is to protect threatened structures during wildfires.

Brush 25

2007 Ford F-550, Brush Truck

Maximum Crew: 5

Pump: 500 GPM

Water: 300 Gallon Tank

Foam: 30 Gallon Tank

Brush 25 is utilized for brush and wildfires as well as rural water supply and inclimate weather response.