East Rivanna members participate in live-burn training

This past weekend was no ordinary weekend for training.  Saturday afternoon, East Rivanna members were invited by Crozet Volunteer Fire Department to participate in a live-burn training exercise.  The unique training opportunity was a live fire evolution in an acquired structure, which means that the property owner donated the structure to be used for training.  While our members are constantly training around the station and at the fire training center, it is rare to have the opportunity to train in a real house.  Being able to practice firefighting techniques with other departments, as well as practice with new equipment,  allows our men and women to be better prepared for when they are dispatched to a real structure fire.  During these types of training scenarios safety is paramount and a full command structure is implemented to ensure the safety of the firefighters.  

If you are interested in donating a structure for fire training, please contact your local fire department, as well as the Albemarle County Fire Marshal's office for burn permit information at 434-296-5833.